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About Us:

IslaBantayan.xyz is your go-to-guide to Bantayan Island, one of the country's best-kept secret located in the northern portion of Cebu Province. The site's main purpose is to provide the much-needed information which are deemed important for every travelers or tourists who wanted to visit the island.

The information provided by IslaBantayan.xyz came from the people who are natives of the island or have been born in the island who already familiarized the places, resorts, beaches and other tourist sites. We will try our very best to provide all the necessary information about Bantayan Island.

Isla Bantayan is owned and managed by prominent bloggers who have been blogging since the year 2011 until they decided to make a blog about their hometown as they wanted to promote the island to the rest of the world.

The site was first published on August 2017 due to the huge popularity of Camp Sawi Facebook Page which has more than 9K followers on social media. Due to the numerous number of inquiries about the island, the Facebook administrator of Camp Sawi FB Page decided to make a website that will cater to the needs of every tourists who wanted to know more about Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island was featured in one of the most popular local movie in the Philippines, Camp Sawi Movie wherein most of the local tourist destinations in Bantayan Island were featured.

One of the main purpose of IslaBantayan.xyz is to promote Bantayan Island to the world. We also aimed to provide almost anything you wanted to know about the islands as we will try to give an updated information about tourist spots, resorts rates, hotels and accommodations prices and many more.

IslaBantayan.xyz is owned and managed by husband and wife Ed Umbao and his wife Anne. Ed Umbao is the former co-founder of PhilNews.ph, one of country's most popular blog with SEO friendly articles that dominated the News & Entertainment niche as well the Board Exam Results niche.

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