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How to Get to Bantayan Island from Mactan Airport or Cebu City

Getting to Bantayan Island, one of the most popular tourist destination in the northern-most portion of Cebu Province, can be reach easily via various means of transportation.

Here's How to Get to Bantayan Island Easily:

1. Take a taxi from Mactan Airport to Cebu City North Bus Terminal. It will take you just 20-30 minutes depending on the traffic situation in Cebu City. Taxi Fares costs around P160.00

2. Take a Ceres Bus (Yellow Bus) to Hagnaya Port in San Remegio, Cebu. Bus Fare - P165.00 / Travel Time - P3 Hours & 30 Minutes

3. Take a Ferry Boat to Santa Fe Port, the gateway to Bantayan Island. Fare -- P170.00 / Travel Time -- 1 Hour & 25 Minutes.

Other Ways to Get to Bantayan Island:

There are other options in order for you to get to Bantayan Island. You can hire together with some friends or family members an exclusive tour bus/vans or any V-Hire and Taxi to reach Hagnaya Port located in the Municipality of San Remegio. From Hagnaya Port you can travel via Ferry Boat using the service of either Island Shipping or Super Shuttle.

Aside from the usual taxi/jeep/personal car travel from Cebu City to Hagnaya Port to Santa Fe Port,, there's also a direct RO-RO  route provided by Ceres Liner on board Island Shipping and Cebu Auto Bus on board Super Shuttle ferry boat service.

Both Ceres Liner and Auto Bus will collect a total fo Php370.00 (boat fare included).

Take note if you are traveling via jeepney from Cebu City to Cebu North Bus Terminal make sure to ride a jeep with OIK number which will pass Colon St., Cebu City going to SM City, then passing North Bus Terminal to its final destination at Park Mall, in Mandaue City.

For those who are traveling to Bantayan Island:

Additional Fees: The Cebu Port Authority both in Hagnaya and Santa Fe will charge P10.00 per head per entry. Upon embarking from the Port of Santa Fe, the Municipal government will also charged P30.00 Environmental fees for all tourists. All residents of Bantayan island are exempted from the said fees.

Bantayan tourists can also availa hassle-free air travel  with the one and only airline operating right now in the island, Air Juan.

Air Juan offers travellers a 40-minute travel from Mactan Airport directly to Santa Fe Airport, an airstrip located in the Eastern Portion of the Island, and operated by CAAP.

Air Juan Schedules and Air Fare:

Travel time: 40 minutes, from Mactan Airport
Fare: P1,288 one-way (price may vary)
Availability: Mondays & Thursdays Only

Mactan–Cebu International Airport – Bantayan Airport
– ETD: 10:00AM
– ETA: 10:40AM

Bantayan Airport – Mactan–Cebu International Airport
– ETD: 11:00AM
– ETA: 11:40AM

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